ISB14 is a Sustainable Conference

On average, a typical conference attendee can produce 1.89 kg of waste per day. Here are some ways in which ISB14 endeavours to be more sustainable

We are going paperless

This means you won't see printed conference booklets at the venue. We will make available the conference program online. You will be able to download it and access it at any time on your own device. Paper waste is a big part of the conference waste and we will do what we can to reduce paper waste at ISB14.

Bring your own reusable coffee cup and water bottle

This will help us save coffee cups and plastic water bottles from going to waste. Bring your own reusable coffee cup to the morning/afternoon tea times. Macquarie University has filtered water fountains located throughout the campus, including the building where most of the conference activities will take place.

Bring your own lanyard or a name badge

We all have one of (or several of) these in our offices. We will not be preparing separate lanyards at ISB14. Please bring your own but we will give you a name plate to use in your lanyard.

Alternatively, bring your name badge from your institution, if you have one.